GOP Racism At The Heart Of Obama Hatred

I’ve said it all along, racism is at the heart of republican hatred for Obama. It’s not so much that people forget what it was like four years ago, almost a depression, bleeding countless jobs a month to now thirty some odd straight months of job growth. It’s that they refuse to accept Barack Obama as their president, even to this day. And the same people slamming President Obama today are the same ones who just can’t admit G.W. Bush took us to war with nothing but lies and ideological claptrap.

Yes, I’m talking about the nuts going around with Romney/Ryan bumper stickers, whining about how Obama has done such a horrible job. But when you ask how, they come back with crap about not keeping promises. Honestly, what promises are those? The one about five percent unemployment? Why don’t you go ask your knuckle dragging representative where the jobs are? Why don’t you ask him or her why they voted no on the jobs bills! But no, no questions will be asked except by a few. It’s easier to watch Fox news and accept what they say as truth, even though most to all of what they say is just plain manufactured. Lies about this president are as common as white only water fountains were throughout the first part of the twentieth century.

The complete disrespect and disregard for President Obama is both amazing and disgusting. It’s actually grown through his time in the white house, in this past election you heard right wing hackers like John Senunu calling him lazy, Sarah Palin saying that he’s shucking and jiving. Shucking and jiving! Really? And where is the news media outrage? And what about the representative that called President Obama a liar during his State of the Union? Can you imagine if a black democratic congressman had called Bush a liar? Wolf Blitzer and the rest of the CNN crowd would have been spitting all over themselves trying to vocalize their outrage! The whole American political world would have blown up, congressional conniptions all over the airwaves.

Even after George W. took us into Iraq where over 4,000 soldiers died a horrible death, no one interrupted his State of the Union speech. Then you can dive into the social scene and read what they’re saying there. Yeah, there’s a reason why some people just should not have their opinion heard, because they are low information people spreading bullshit from one end of the internet to the other. The Facebook and Twitter republicans… what can be said about that bunch? Coming home from work, stopping at the store to pick up their beer and cigarettes, unthawing ground beef to make Manwiches because there’s “no time” to cook. Then hurrying to their social pages and finding their friends so they can continue to bash, bitch, moan and groan about Obama. These are the same people that ganged up on the Dixie Chicks after they were against the Iraq war and called out President Bush on it, saying he was lying; which he was!

Ungrateful, hypocritical Republicans! Oh so happy to use 9-11 to scare people into voting for them. Remember this line? George W. has kept us safe from terrorists, reelect him or else be doomed. Well excuse me head nodders, it was under George W. that we had 9-11! Not Clinton, not Carter, who they mock all the time for being a weak president. And certainly not Barack Obama! Barack Obama was the one who got Osama Bin Laden! Got him, killed him and buried him out at sea, over and done. Oh no, that’s not good enough for this racist crowd, they’d rather have this bumbling and fumbling two bit vacuum cleaner salesman that went around with signs promoting the Vietnam war, then going off to France on deferment… again… and again.  The same guy who was eating Grey Poupon off of his maids ass in France while soldiers were dying in Vietnam.

Oh, you don’t like the economy growing so slow? Then go back to Bush and the bleeding of 400 thousand jobs a month then. Happier now? Oh my God! Health care! He’s forcing us to have health care! Get a grip Louise, the ER is not how a progressive society in the 21st century is supposed to get health care. For whatever reason, the GOP doesn’t like or want Americans to have access to health care. And the head nodding right wing followers go right along with them, even though it’s not in their best interest.

And now we come to Romney and the people that chose him over Obama. They showed the world how a good portion of Americans really feel about black people, whether they know it or not. It’s been smoldering under the skin of a lot of white people as long as I can remember. I can’t tell you how many times some jack ass thought it was funny to talk about “niggers” at the cookout or cocktail party. And now there is someone they can point to and take their racial aggressions out on.

The hatred of Obama, it’s got a life of it’s own and although the election is over, I still can’t get over the fact that about 47% of the people voted for Romney. Worse yet,  a lot of those 47% didn’t think that he was talking about them when he was bashing them at a fundraising cocktail party. No, they thought he was talking about some other people, like black or brown people, certainly not them. President Obama has spent a good portion of his first four years in office fighting off republican attempts to trash the economy, because as Mitch McConnell said “Making Barack Obama a one term president is my number one priority.” But you won’t hear a thank you Mr. President from this crowd, you’ll find them on Facebook and Twitter calling him an idiot! What is even more outrageous is that some people would rather have had a well documented liar as president than another four years of Barack Obama.

But when you bring up racism, they play this bullshit about how it isn’t like that and the liberals are just using that to divide the country. Hockey pucks! I’m sure it’s not all racism, there are some points to be argued against Obama, but the majority of bashers don’t really know the facts, they’re just repeating what Fox News or Rush Limbaugh has told them. Thankfully most of the citizens of this country don’t think or feel this way, although the election was way too close for my nerves. I still can’t get over how Romney just blatantly lied about everything and still cornered almost half the votes. Crazy man, crazy. It’s not really surprising to see this racism, 2012 was the same year as Trayvon Martin and a long list of other young black men and women being killed. But every year is like that in this country, the number of black and other minority males going off to prison each year is astounding compared to other countries.

I’ve heard more than a few people say that we have come a long way since the 1960’s, and we have, but we have quite a long ways to go still. Looking back on this past election, I realize that the now infamous 47% remark would have been more truthful if it wasn’t directed at the “freeloaders”, but instead the stupid people. But thankfully, we didn’t have to endure four years of Romney as president to realize it.