Our Christmas Tree 2012

The last day for our Christmas tree 2012. A tree that filled our home with holiday goodness and wonderment. It will be remembered as one of the all time best trees. It was a quiet but lovely holiday, spent with family and friends.

Unfortunately, one very important member of our family, Carol Terpening, passed away over the summer. Carol loved Christmas, and she was thought of thru-out this holiday season. I know she would have approved of this years family gatherings.

Our family is more united and stronger than would have been expected, so there is a lot to be grateful for. Thru sickness and strife, tears and anger, love shined bright and led the way for us to see. So, from our family to yours, a last Merry Christmas cheer for this season. May 2013 bring health and happiness, success and prosperity and love… plenty of love… and understanding.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ross Meier


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